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Accelerated Learning Academy

Accelerated Learning Academy

Sandra Cavette, FEF

Phone: (810) 771-3996


Facebook: Accelerated Learning Academy

INSTAGRAM - ALA 10-21-21.png

Doyle-Ryder Elementary

Doyle/Ryder Elementary School

Kathy Roberts, FEF

Phone: (810) 767-8176


Facebook: Doyle Ryder

FCS Instagram - Doyle Ryder 10-12-21.png

Eisenhower Elementary

Eisenhower Elementary School


Facebook: Eisenhower Elementary School

Twitter: @cadetnation_12

Instagram: @cadetnation_12

FCS Instagram - Brownell Eisenhower Holmes Neithercut 10-21-21.png

Holmes STEM Middle School Academy

Holmes STEM Middle School Academy      


Facebook: @HolmesSTEMFlint

FCS Instagram - Brownell Eisenhower Holmes Neithercut 10-21-21.png

Pierce Elementary

Pierce Elementary School

Queda Wright, FEF

Phone: (810) 288-3713


Facebook: @PiercePatriots

FCS Instagram - Pierce 10-12-21.png

Southwestern Classical Academy

Southwestern Classical Academy

Casanya Amenyiue, FEF

Phone: (810) 730-2822


Facebook: @Flintjags

FCS Instagram - SW 10-14-21.png

Brownell STEM Academy

Brownell STEM Academy

Alfreda Jefferson, FEF

Phone: (901) 213-8314


Facebook: @brownellbulldogs

FCS Instagram - Brownell Eisenhower Holmes Neithercut 10-21-21.png



Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School

Linda Hopkins, FEF

Phone: (810) 760-1594


Facebook: @DurantTuuriMottDragons

INSTAGRAM - DTM 10-13-21.png

Freeman Elementary

Freeman Elementary School

Reba Jones, FEF

Phone: (810) 625-1462


Facebook: Freeman Elementary School - Flint, MI

INSTAGRAM -Freeman 10-12-21.png

Neithercut Elementary

FCS Instagram - Brownell Eisenhower Holmes Neithercut 10-21-21.png

Potter Elementary

Potter Elementary School

Williameon Salter, FEF

Phone: (810) 449-4113


Facebook: Potter Elementary

INSTAGRAM -Potter 10-19-21.png

Flint Community Schools is proud to be a partner with parents and other family members in educating our community’s children. As a parent, grandparent, guardian or caregiver of a student in our school, you’re a vital part in helping your scholar succeed. We want to make sure we inform you about events and programs we’re offering children to give them the skills and knowledge they need.  Stay connected...subscribe to the Title I Parent Newsletter.  

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ENROLL NOW!!! All scholars will receive a FREE Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Chicka Chicka 1 2 3” book. Registration is OPEN NOW for kindergarten enrollment at Flint Community Schools, Administration Building, Office of Centralized Enrollment, 923 E. Kearsley Street, Flint, Michigan 48503.


Parents, when enrolling your scholar, please remember to bring the following documentation:

  • Provide proof of your scholar’s age and identity. Either a birth certificate or another reliable document stating the scholar’s identity and age.

  • Proof of residence. Provide a driver’s license, utility bill, rent statement, proof of home ownership (including a mortgage statement) or any official document showing both your name and address.

  • Proof of vaccination and immunizations. Records of vaccination and immunization.


By appointment only, please call the FCS Office of Centralized Enrollment to schedule an appointment at        810-767-6111 or visit for more information.

ALL FCS Parents and Guardians Are Welcomed! Join us for Parent Meeting and or the monthly parent meeting at your scholar’s school. Signup by contacting your scholar's school Family Engagement Facilitator. Stay connected and get school updates, virtual trainings, FREE giveaways and more. Please check for updates on parent meeting date changes and or cancellations. 

Title I Monthly Parent Meetings

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Apply for “FREE” Pre-K Today. We are proud to offer the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), a free pre-kindergarten for our Flint Community School families.


Pre-K is the beginning of your child little scholar’s educational journey. GSRP is a 4 (four) day per week classroom-based experience that helps to prepare children for kindergarten.


Your little scholar must be 4 years old on or before September 1, 2021 to apply.


For more information, please call (810) 767-8018 or (810) 591-KIDS.  To register online, please visit:


This program is quality rated through the Great Start to Quality Programs.

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Join us for our monthly Title I ESSA Citywide Parent Advisory Council Meeting.  

Receive the latest school updates, resource and program information. Giveaways at every meeting. Must be present during  meeting to win.

To register for the meeting, please click the following button: 

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